Welcome at Den Oever Stables

We run a privately owned dressage stable in Kontich, near Antwerp. Over the years, we have focused more on the Iberian horse and high dressage. As dressage is the foundation of all horsemanship, we never shy away from any challenge. For example, we have broken in hunters for hunting and have made people happy through  solving problems with riding. 

We also measure the evolution of our own horses by participating in competitions and often achieve very good results. Updates on this can be found on our Instagram and FB page. Be sure to take a look. You can find the links to the top left!

Happy athletes

Our horses are turned out to pasture each day. Even in winter and they are turned out together as far as possible. We believe in combining intense training and peace of mind so our horses can be 'horse'. This makes them willing and happy. We take into account each individual type of horse and its character. 

They go back to stable every evening.